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EMS Garage Episode 185: EMS in the New Decade

One of the most controversial topics in the world of EMS today is whether or not we should arm EMTs and paramedics or rather, should we allow those who possess conceiled carry permits carry on the job?  And furthermore, in whose hands should this decision rest in?  Lawmakers?  Department leaders?  The individual? This week, Scott […]

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EMS Garage Episode 184: EMS Today Finale

In this finale episode from EMS Today 2014 in Washington, DC, EMS Garage host Chris Montera is joined by MedicCast host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic for their conference wrap-up finale episode. In this episode they each pick a product innovator for the show and also talk about what they hope to see at the next conference from the folks at […]

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EMS Garage Episode 183: EMS Today 3 Paramedics Diagnose!

In this special segment recorded at EMS Today 2014 in Washington, DC, EMS Garage host Chris Montera is joined by three guests to discuss a controversial issue, does EMS need local medical directors any more? Joining Chris are paramedic and educator Kelly Grayson and EMS medical directors Dr. Keith Wesley and Dr. Jeff Myers. —- Stay tuned […]

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EMS Garage Episode 182: Ferno Announces iNX

In case you missed it. Today Ferno announced the COOLEST product to hit the market in years. The iNX is a patient transport system. This is not your ordinary COT.  No it is the way we will make EMS future proof. This product culminates years of research. Ferno is truly leading the way in this […]

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EMS Garage Episode 181: EMS Today 2 Community Paramedic

In this episode of the EMS Garage Podcast hosts Chris Montera and Anne Robinson Montera are joined by EMS educator and researcher Baxter Larmon from UCLA. Also on the panel is Carissa Caramanis O’Brien health care social media expert and consultant, as well as director of social media for Aetna. Baxter talks about the impetus to improve […]

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EMS Garage Episode 180: EMS Today 1

EMS Garage guest host Scot Kier (@MedicSBK and MedicSBK.com) comes in to fill in for regular host Chris Montera for the first of three EMS Garage episodes at EMS Today 2014 in Washington, DC. Scott is joined by an illustrious and knowledgable panel including EMS Attorney Steve Wirth, EMSBlogs.com founder Dave Konig and EMS Blogger Kelly Grayson from AmbulanceDriverFiles.com. Never one to shy […]

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EMS Garage Episode 178: CES 2014 Coverage Dexcom

Terry Gregg, CEO of Dexcom, chats with Chris Montera about the new continuous glucose monitoring system from Dexcom debuting at the International CES conference earlier this month in Las Vegas. The Dexcom G4 Platinum glucose monitor is the all-new Continuous Glucose Monitor featuring an extended 20 foot wireless range, glucose trends on a video monitor […]

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EMS Garage Episode 177: EMS World Expo 2013 Episode 2

EMS Garage host Chris Montera, the Geekymedic, was joined by a panel of EMS experts while at EMS World Expo 2013 in Las Vegas. On the panel were Kyle David Bates, host of the First Few Moments podcast, Jerry Socha, Marketing Director from Ferno, and Art Hsieh, Editor-in-Chief at EMS1.com. They talk about several topics […]

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EMS Garage Episode 176: Podcast Studio Founders Look Back at 5 Years of EMS

Kicking off the fifth anniversary of the ProMed Network Podcast Studio at EMS World Expo, the MedicCast and EMS Garage bring out the original team from the first podcast studio in Atlanta five years ago. Joining MedicCast host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic and EMS Garage host Chris Montera the Geekymedic are Setla Films’ Chief Content […]

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EMS Garage Episode 175: EMS World Expo Daily Standup 2

Today we talk about EMS World Expo and all the action. @CaringAnne @geekymedic

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